Wedding Thank You Cards

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What To Include In Wedding Thank You Cards

You’ve done it! You’ve said the vows, the classic ‘I do’, and partied it up with your nearest and dearest.

While it’s easy to get swept away with the excitement of post-wedding life, it’s important to tell each of your wedding guest just how much you appreciated them being there on the day. From their unique wedding gifts to their words of wisdom, your guests are a big part of your wedding and deserve some personalised gratitude. Read on as Wedding & Bride covers the five important things to cover in your wedding thank-you cards.

Written by Bhria Vellnagel


It’s more than likely that your guests have given you a mountain of wedding gifts to sort through after the big day. While you do, it’s important to keep a list of who gave what so that you can include it on their thank-you note. Unfortunately, a simple ‘thanks for the butter knife’ won’t cut it. It’s best to say how you’ve enjoyed using it, or how much you’re looking forward to using it in the future. For example, “Thank you for the cute butter knife, its handle in the shape of a cat is really cute and brightens my mornings!”.


Nothing portrays appreciation like taking the time to sit down and write each wedding thank-you note. However, if you’ve been criticised for unreadable handwriting in the past, it may be best to opt for a cursive type font instead!


You’ll want your wedding guests to be truly humbled when opening your thank-you card, and so it’s best to put in a little time and effort when designing it. If you had a professional design your wedding invitations, it’s worth going back to them for your thank you cards. Try asking your Melbourne wedding photographer if they can create a design using your wedding photos!


For those that helped you in the planning of your wedding, or went above and beyond on your big day, it’s important to add a little extra into those wedding thank-you cards to ensure they know just how much their time was appreciated. This can simply be more words of praise, or you can opt to add in a small gift within the wedding card. Some great options for these gifts are a pressed flower from your bridal bouquet for your bridal party, a gift card for a foot massage or facial for your outstanding Melbourne venue wedding coordinator, or simply a small magnet photo of you and the person in question on your wedding day.


Be sure to check off your guest list religiously when creating the wedding thank-you cards, including the wedding professionals that made your big day possible.