Top 5 Bridal Fashion Accessories of 2019

It’s long been a saying in the fashion industry, ‘it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it’. While you may have spent days hunting down the perfect wedding gown, have you considered those finishing touches that will take your beautiful outfit to the next level? Read on below to discover some of the trending bridal fashion accessories of 2019.


1. Pearl Headbands & Statement Clips

Pearl jewellery has recently made a comeback in bridal fashion in a big way. From everyday fashion to bridal runways, pearl-covered clips and headbands have become the go-to accessory. To heighten your do, attempt one of the extravagant pearl bridal tiaras, or if you’re after a sleek look simply pin it back with a sophisticated clip.

Crystal Pearl Hair Clip, RRP $19.95,

2. Embellished Belts

Belts have been a mainstay in the bridal fashion industry for decades, but it’s only been in recent years that have seen embellished belts become a popular choice. Perfect to cinch in your waist, or to simply add a touch of glamour to an otherwise simple wedding dress, bejewelled or pearl-covered belts are a great addition to almost any modern wedding outfit.

Silver Leaf Bridal Sash, RRP $151.17, @LuneAndStoneCo 

3. Full-Length Chiffon Capes

If you’ve found the perfect wedding dress but think it could do with something a little bit extra, then a bridal cape may be your saviour! From simple sheer overlays to embroidered and bejewelled masterpieces, there’s definitely a cape to suit your wedding gown. Made popular due to their ability to give the effect of a train without all that extra fabric, full-length chiffon capes can make a gown look traditional or extravagant depending on its embellishments.   

Bridal Cape – English Tulle, from $186.93, @floraljewellery

4. Statement Earrings

Draw on your inner diva for your big day by popping on some beautiful bridal statement earrings! Not only will these stunning jewels help to frame your face with a classic up-do, but they’ll also add that bit of glam you’ve been craving. Many brides choose to change their earrings throughout their wedding day; to have a simple look their grandparents would approve of for their ceremony, but then changing over to some gorgeous drop earrings for their reception. If you want to be the star of the show on your big day, you can certainly rely on some statement earrings to make that happen!

SENSE of style bridal earrings, RRP $38,

5. Sneakers

As more brides move away from typical bridal traditions, they have shaped the bridal fashion industry into a place not just for glamour but also comfort. 2018 saw the rise of the ‘chunky sneaker’ in women’s fashion, while the amount of designer sneaker brands continues to rise. Bringing this trend into bridal fashion was not just welcomed but encouraged as millions of brides cried out for a more comfortable option than the classic wedding heel. So embrace your inner Runaway Bride and get comfy on your big day with a sleek pair of white bridal runners, or invest in pair of personalised designer kicks. 

Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Satin Bow, RRP $119.95,