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How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography

Organising wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your big day, as the timeless wedding photos will ensure that none of your special moments are forgotten. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many couples spend a lot of time and money on the perfect wedding photographer.

We’ve spoken with Melbourne wedding photographers Rachael and Darcy from Whitford Wedding Films, and Vesna from Locus Photo, to get an inside scoop on how to perfectly plan your wedding photography to make the most of the time you’ve booked with your wedding photographer!

Written by Tristan Lott

All three of these amazing wedding photographers are highly passionate about their professions in the wedding industry, so you can rest assured that they’ll be equally invested in your big day.

This goes as far as Rachael and Darcy double-and triple-check camera batteries before the wedding day, and Vesna even admits to setting two alarms and preparing Google maps the night before. There’s no chance these avid professionals are going to miss a single moment of your wedding!
All three wedding photographers agree that the most important thing is to make sure the happy couple is overjoyed with the finished product. To ensure this happens, they advise all their clients to meet with them a number of weeks before the wedding. This time will allow everyone to become comfortable with one another and create a concise vision of what you want for your wedding photos.

Vesna warns couples not to be afraid of being led by their wedding photographer, you’ll often find her snapping photos quite quickly to ensure everything is captured.

Finally, Rachael and Darcy want couples to remember to appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in on the big day. “Remember to enjoy it,” they said.

Both Melbourne wedding photographers – Whitford Wedding Films and Locus Photo – will have booths at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Spring Bridal Expo and they’re very excited to connect with new engaged couples!