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How To Find Your Perfect Celebrant

Long gone are the dull ceremony officiants that were simply a necessary legal inclusion. Nowadays, your choice in wedding celebrant could be based on the following factors; denomination and beliefs, professionalism, and above all their personality! Read on as Wedding & Bride delves into the three most important tips to keep in mind while searching for your perfect wedding celebrant.

Written by Bhria Vellnagel


When choosing your wedding celebrant, it’s easy to narrow down your list by searching by denomination or beliefs. If you know your future mother-in-law would be mortified if her beloved son or daughter wasn’t wed by a trusted member of the Catholic church, then by all means only include registered priests in your local area. However, if you’d prefer a less religious celebrant then be sure to mirror that in your search.


With so many Melbourne wedding celebrants available to you, it can be hard to narrow down the few that will be worth meeting in person. As you’ll be really busy trying to plan your wedding, you definitely don’t want to be wasting your time, or theirs, when you can get most of your information from online reviews!

The main factor you’ll want to look out for when booking your wedding celebrant is whether they’ve officiated a lot of ceremonies. By ensuring you choose an experienced celebrant, you can rest assured knowing there won’t be any hiccups on the big day.

These reviews will also give you a glimpse into what style of weddings they’re usually enlisted for, so if they only do themed weddings then you might want to steer clear of them for a traditional ceremony.


While many couples may opt for the most popular celebrant, this can be a downfall as they may be too busy with other brides and grooms to give you all the time and energy you need on and before your big day. For this reason, it’s best to meet with a selection of your favourite celebrants to get a feel for each one, and then decide who will mesh best with your personalities and help you the most with your wedding vows, ceremony paperwork and everything in between.

Many modern wedding celebrants love to get involved in the couples lives prior to the big day, to ensure they provide the ultimate ceremony experience. Not only are they offering an officiant service, they’re also there to support you during a very emotional time of your life. With more than ten Melbourne wedding celebrants exhibiting at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Spring Bridal Expo in October 2019, it’s a great place to search and find that perfect celebrant all conveniently under one roof!