How To Elope

How To Elope in Melbourne

Written by Tristan Lott

Are you intimidated by the idea of how to approach the lengthy planning process for your wedding, hate the idea of a traditional affair, or are simply unable to afford the full expenses of a traditional wedding, then an elopement might be your perfect solution!

Whether you choose to nip down to the Registry Office, escape to your favourite getaway or use the excuse to travel somewhere abroad for an overseas wedding, eloping is quickly becoming popular for those of us who want to get the legal bit of marriage out of the way in a low-key and relaxed way.

How To Elope in Victoria

Of course, you still have to get the legal bit out of the way before officially declaring to all your friends and family that you got hitched. Victorian law requires the lodgment of a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) a month before the event, as well as a wedding celebrant or minister to officiate the ceremony alongside two witnesses. However, when you take away all the noise of arranging the usual necessities of a wedding such as the venue, the food and the music, it becomes a relatively simple process. Just invite along your parents or your best mates to witness your marriage, then go out after to celebrate.

How To Elope and still keep some traditions

If you’re thinking of eloping, it doesn’t mean a sacrifice of the bridal dress or the wedding photos or the wedding cake – you can choose to include or exclude whatever wedding traditions or expectations you want. Many restaurants and function spaces have smaller private rooms where you and your special few can enjoy a meal or a drink in celebration. A quick search through our magazine or online directory will reveal dozens of groups and organisations set up to help you organise your elopement, but many other wedding celebrants and wedding suppliers have options to accommodate whatever style that suits you.

That’s the beauty of an elopement – the choice. You’re not tied down by the minimum spend of a venue or the expectations of your family and friends, it’s about you and your fiancé and you can organise it however you choose.