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Advice From Melbourne Wedding Vendors

When planning a wedding, almost every bride will have her go-to people that she trusts to give her advice for her wedding. Although you might not think to ask, the best people to give you a helping hand, and who will offer you the best advice for planning your wedding, are those who are in the wedding industry – your vendors!

To help you out, we’ve spoken to some of the fantastic Melbourne wedding vendors who will be joining us at our 2019 Melbourne Wedding & Bride Spring Bridal Expo!

Written by Catherine Doedens

‘Start planning your wedding early.’

Words of wisdom that you will hear repeatedly, so much so that you may brush it off. Our suggestion is to heed this advice from Melbourne wedding celebrant, Jermaine Clarke,  who says to “take things slowly enough so that you can enjoy the process and the fun of planning.”

Jermaine is not the only one who encourages you to enjoy the process. Stacey Popovski – the wedding gown designer behind the gorgeous bespoke Popovski wedding dresses – encourages brides to “relax and have fun during the planning stages of [the] wedding, [this will make] the most out of the journey and not just the one big day.”


‘Stay true to yourself.’

Sanja Babic, the florist behind the beautiful and unique wedding floral arrangements of Dahlia Flowers & Gifts, says it best: “Keep true to yourself and get what you like. You can’t re-do it, so choose what suits yourself and not just what’s trending on Instagram. While there is so much fun to be had in the planning stages, you’ll never experience your wedding day again, so make sure you love what you choose!”

“The only person you need to negotiate with on your wedding, is your partner!” adds Erika from Donald & Tuck. “Make sure you’re choosing all the best things that represent who you are as a couple.”


‘Have fun!’

A piece of advice from almost every Melbourne wedding vendor is to take the time to enjoy your day! Many brides will find planning their wedding stressful, and others may come up against all kinds of different challenges, but as Rachel and Darcy from Whitford Wedding Films say, “you’ll be putting so much hard work and effort into making your wedding amazing,[make sure you] remember to enjoy it!”