A MOMENT WITH: Toula from Sassy Cakes


Jermaine Clark Melbourne celebrant multi-denominational caring experienced

How did you become passionate about baking and cake decorating?

With a background in fashion design, I’ve always enjoyed designing and painting. My love of cooking then naturally took me down the road to creating cakes. I find I can express my creativity with edibles now, so much fun and the scope is endless.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to help my kids create costumes, as they are all avid cosplayers. We also enjoy going out as a family to eat at new places and see art expositions.

What is your favourite part about your work?

The design work at the start, to the actual creation of each cake. I love all of it. I also enjoy developing my own recipes for the cakes, my family even calls me a mad scientist!

How much work is involved in creating each wedding cake?

This is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’, it all depends on the complexity of the cake. From the consultation, design and tasting stages, to the baking and decorating, each cake has its own timeline.

What are you excited about for your business this year, and for the future?

Focussing on the design and creation of new cakes, which will always feature my unique flair. I’m also excited about generating what I like to call ‘cake families’, those who come back for anniversaries and birthdays.

What is involved with deciding what a couple’s wedding cake will look like?

Most couples will already have an idea of what they want. I just take that idea and use my experience to guide them to whatever direction they want to follow, which results in a unique piece that creates memories.

What is your favourite type of cake?

To eat, it’s dessert cakes but I unfortunately don’t make them too often. I enjoy making ones that have unusual finishes and designs.

What are you most excited about for the expo this year?

I have done many expos in the past but it’s my first wedding-based expo, so I’m looking forward to creating the booth to be an all-round Sassy Cakes production!