Choosing Your Wedding Gown Melbourne

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5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Gown in Melbourne

It’s the day that so many young girls dream of – wearing a gorgeous bridal gown that makes them feel like a princess walking down the aisle to marry their prince charming. However, it can be so hard to find the right wedding dress that makes you look and feel the way you’ve always dreamed. While there are many things to consider, here are our Top 5 tips for choosing your wedding gown in Melbourne.

Written by Catherine Doedens


When you decide to start looking for your wedding dress, all your closest girlfriends will scream with excitement and beg you to let them come! But be wary, as the more people you bring, the more opinions you will receive. If you let too many people have a say on the bridal gown you wear, you may end up deciding on a wedding dress that you don’t love, or you may forget what you are even looking for!



Some brides have known exactly what they want since they were children. For others, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a long and tiresome process. No matter which category you are in, it’s best to keep an open mind and try on an array of styles and silhouettes to find the ideal fit. Julie, owner of Melbourne bridal boutique Miss Bella Bridal, strongly suggests to “trust [your consultant] to help make a few suggestions to ensure you have chosen the best dress for you. What may look drab on the rack, could look amazing on!”



Although many Melbourne bridal fashion retailers will only need a few months to have your gown ready-to-wear, for more luxurious wedding gowns or ones from bespoke bridal dress designers you may need to allow up to 10 months to have your wedding dress made. Keep in mind, even after the bridal gown has been made-to-measure especially for your body, you will probably still need to have further alterations in the weeks leading up to the wedding day.



Before you start shopping, set a strict budget for your wedding dress and don’t try on any dresses that are outside your budget. The last thing you want is to try something on and fall in love with it, only to realise that you can’t afford it!
Setting a bridal dress budget will also ensure that you don’t miss out on other important elements of your wedding, such as hiring the perfect wedding photographer, or accompanying your bridal dress with a beautiful wedding bouquet.



Buying a wedding dress is a once in a lifetime experience! It’s likely to be one of the most beautiful (and expensive) dresses you will wear, so it’s important to enjoy such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

While shopping, don’t be afraid to blow off some steam by trying on some over-the-top wedding gowns or even wearing a bridal tiara to all your fittings! It’s an exciting experience, so make sure you soak up every minute of it.